Learn More About Us

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out where to begin, so to tell the world a little more about us, we should probably start at the beginning of our story.

We were friends in high school, and became closer throughout college. By the time Matt finished his Master’s degree in 2008, we decided that dating was a pretty good idea. At that time Erin was living in Greenville, NC and decided to move to Alexandria, VA in the fall of 2008. By Christmas, we were engaged and began planning our wedding. It might seem like we jumped into marriage quickly, but after knowing each other for over eight years it didn’t seem like it to us. Erin began her Master’s degree in 2008 as well. We were moving quickly, but making sure that each move was well calculated and a stage in life that we were ready for. We assumed that taking our time and calculating our moves was the best thing for us and our future family.










We moved back to our hometown of Harrisburg, PA in early 2010 and got married June 26, 2010. By the fall of 2010 we moved into our first house and began making it our home. Fast-Forward almost three years later and Erin completed her Master’s degree while working full time.

  1. Education – CHECK (’06, ’08 & ’06, ’13)
  2. Marriage – CHECK (’10)
  3. House – CHECK (’10)
  4. Stable Jobs – CHECK (since ’08)
  5. Start a family – umm….where is my check??? (Updated: We’ve gotten our check here)

Like we said, we had a plan, parts of it moved quickly, but each step was calculated and we were able to check off each one of those steps along the way according to our plan. Except one…the final one…start a family.

It was around the summer of 2013 that we began to try to start a family and by the end of 2014 we began to realize that something wasn’t quite right. It’s been a while and still no sleepless nights, diapers to change or crying at all hours of the day and night. We decided it was time to go to the doctor, so in 2015 we went to the specialists and had the tests.

We passed all of the tests (usually it’s good news to pass tests) but also found out that Erin had massive fibroid tumors all over her uterus. Two surgeries later and the doctor says that everything has begun healing well but her uterus is now “compromised” because of the surgeries. That means that if we do get pregnant we will have to have a c-section at 37 weeks. No big deal. We can handle that…both of us were born via c-section so it seems almost “normal” to us.

After allowing time for full healing from surgery the doc gives us the go-ahead. Still nothing. We go back after six months and get more “news.”  Now instead of the fibroid diagnosis we are diagnosed with “unidentified infertility.”  Helpful isn’t it? Basically, “We know something is wrong, but all of the tests look ok so we have no clue why it’s just not working for you.”

So instead of continuing to be frustrated we’ve decided to pursue a new road on the journey…adoption. (Updated: We’ve had the fortune of finally becoming pregnant but if you see below you’ll see why we’ve decided to keep the blog much the same.)


Why adoption already? Aren’t there other options?

Of course there are other options but let’s go back to something we said a few paragraphs back…”compromised uterus”.  That means a guaranteed c-section at 37-39 weeks. That means that a second child may be out of the question.

We’ve always wanted at least two children, and with the possibility of not being able to have two naturally, the adoption option came to the forefront quickly. Adoptions take a long time and while we are fortunate enough to have become pregnant, we know that our adoption story is still something that we feel we should pursue.

This is our story…we are continuing to write it. So please, follow our blog. Contribute to the story. We know that we are not the only ones that are going through this and we know how much reading other’s journeys have helped us.


-Matt and Erin