Thank You For The Overwhelming Support…and not just for us!

Since we began this blog it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions. The high and lows of struggling to conceive…finally getting that positive test…going to the doctors for weeks on end to make sure it’s a “good pregnancy”…finding out we’re going to have a daughter…finding out she’s going to need surgery…it’s been a whirlwind to say the least but no matter what post we’ve made there has been an outpouring of overwhelming support.

We’ve heard from family, close friends, people we probably haven’t spoken to since high school and even complete strangers but no matter who reached out it’s been an abundantly clear that Erin and I have the strongest network of support we could ever ask for.

When we first launched the blog announcing our pregnancy, but also announcing the tremendous journey it had been to even get to that announcement we received messages from many of you. It was amazing to see not only the support, but how open people were to share their stories as well.  This blog was first started as a way for us to hopefully find a baby to adopt. Now, it’s not only a support system for us (and a therapeutic release for all of my anxieties as we sprint faster and faster toward that mid-April timeline), but it’s also beginning to become a place that others are feeling support as well.


Erin is feeling good at almost 27 weeks.

Struggling to conceive is hard. Not just from an emotional standpoint for each of the parties involved, but as a stress on you as a couple. And if your closest friends or family do know that you’ve been not been able to conceive, it’s an added stress on that relationship as well. They want to hear the good news from you just as bad as you want to hear it for yourself.

As we continue to share our story with this blog we hope you find something positive from it. No matter the journey, you’ll eventually get to where you need to be. It may not make sense at the start, or even along the path, but keep on moving forward. You have no other choice.

Again, thank you to everyone who has reached out. In addition, those of you who who haven’t reached out or commented but have read and taken comfort in knowing that what you are going through isn’t uncommon and isn’t anything you can control…thank you for taking a more silent part in our journey. Let us know if we can ever do anything to support you, because all of you have been supporting us throughout this journey so far.