Our not so fun end of 2016…

Typically when you get out of work 4 hours early, you arrive home 4 hours early and get to enjoy some extra time relaxing and together.  Unfortunately, on December 30th, that wasn’t exactly how everything played out. Here’s the story of what happened to end the crazy year that was 2016.

Erin’s day, like most state workers on the 30th, was ending early and she was heading home around 11:15 a.m.  Driving up State Street with relatively heavy traffic for the time, but it was New Year’s Eve eve and that meant an early dismissal for everyone.

At the same time at home, I’m working on a few things around the house expecting Erin to be home soon. We’ve made plans to go see a movie at 1pm. We figured there would be plenty of time to grab some food at the theater and enjoy a movie with the extra time together. Especially since we won’t have that 1:1 time as much once Isabella has made her arrival.

It’s now 11:30 and I’m on the phone taking care of a bill payment issue and see three straight calls from our friend Stacy, Erin’s co-worker. Figuring something is going on, I quickly get off the phone and call Stacy back. I’m out the door and in the Jeep before she even told me where they were.  Erin has been in an accident and the Police, Firemen and EMTs are all either on their way or already at the scene.  I find out that I’m heading to 16th and State Street and make my way there as quickly as possible.  Stacy reassures me that Erin is fine and the accident is minor, but in my head (and I’m sure any other expecting parent would agree) there is no MINOR!

I arrive at the accident scene and park. I notice one of the responding officers is a guy that I went to grade school with and played on the same peewee football team. I think to myself, “Ok whew, at least there is someone I know here and if I need anything he’ll be able to help me.” They seem relaxed and I look around to figure out exactly where Erin’s car is. He directs me over to Erin’s car.  Erin is just sitting in the driver’s seat sipping on her water and looks up at me, “I’m fine, it wasn’t bad. I just want them to check on the baby, but I’ve felt her moving around.”  WHEW! Ok. My heart has now resumed beating at a semi-normal rate. The EMTs come over and take Erin to the ambulance. They check her out but still recommend that we head to the hospital for the doctors to check everything out.

I tell her I’ll meet her at the hospital and they are off. By about 12:30 they’ve already gotten her back into an ER room and the waiting game begins.  With no apparent injuries we likely got moved to the back of the line in terms of service at the ER.  They’ve checked her blood pressure and they used the doppler to listen to Isabella’s heartbeat and everything sounds good…but we are waiting for a doctor to come in to check her out.

And we wait…and wait…and wait….it’s now about 3pm and they’ve come in once again and taken Erin’s blood pressure and checked Isabella’s heartbeat. Again, all sounds good but still no doctor.  About 3:15 the ER doctor comes in, look at us, asks a few questions and then says, “I think we are going to send you up to Labor and Delivery for monitoring just to make sure everything is good.”

“Why couldn’t you have done that three hours ago?” we both said at the same time after the doctor had left the room.

We got up to L&D and they once again check Isabella’s heartbeat with the doppler. It’s again all good sounds. However, this time the speaker is set little louder and we’ve figured out that Isabella is a bit of a drama queen when it comes to hearing her heartbeat.  She tries to kick the doppler wand off of Erin’s stomach every single time.  (Even when they hooked up a doppler to someone else for monitoring in a nearby room and we could hear the heartbeat she was still trying to kick it away.  It’s those little things that put a smile on my face.)


By about 4pm they hooked Erin up to the fetal monitor just to ensure that there are no contractions to be worried about. At the time they told us it would be about an hour so I went down to get us some food while Erin downed about a gallon of water since the ER didn’t give her anything at all to eat or drink.

We figured we would make the most of our trip to the hospital and enjoyed some food from the “Hidden Door Cafe”. It’s sort of a Knode family tradition that if you go to the Harrisburg Hospital you have to eat there. Hell, that’s how Erin’s cousin let the family know that their baby had arrived in December. We all got a text message that simply said, “Anyone up for some corn nuggets?”

Finally at about 6:15 pm we got the all clear and began to make our way back to the Jeep.  Erin’s car has only minor damage but it’s truly the fear of the unknown that made the 30th so crazy for us.  What was supposed to be an extra 4 hours together was still spent together, but not in the way we had planned.

We’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who has been reading this blog and following along our crazy journey. We’ve had some amazing support and we know that support will only grow stronger as the journey continues.  Thanks everyone!


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