Merry Christmas…just for Kicks

Since our last post we’ve seen alot of changes. Not only has Erin finally felt like the bump is harder to hide but Isabella has been super active and we’re really enjoying our “family of three” time.


Erin has begun to feel her kicking and punching throughout the day, but she seems to get especially active first thing in the morning, when Erin gets home from work, and then again as we settle into bed.  Last night we decided to check to see if we could actually see her moving rather than just feeling her.  WOW. I wish I could capture video of what I could see. It’s incredible. People always tell you that its really cool when you can feel the baby move, and that you can eventually see them moving a foot or hand across the stomach, but last night I swear she was just showing off. She seemed to push her entire side outward and I think I saw basically the entire arm from her shoulder down and then her hip and entire leg.

On another note, the reality of everything is setting in. We are under 16 weeks from when we may get to meet Isabella. Her nursery is slowly coming together, but with Christmas just days away and New Years Day shortly behind we know we still have a ton of work to get done in a really short time. We took some time on Sunday and had some fun registering at Pottery Barn Kids, and plan to hit Babies R Us later this week or early next week. I’m in complete research mode now since I have several days off of work so if you have any recommendations on “must haves” for new parents feel free to leave them in the comments. I’ll definitely check them all out.

With that said…MERRY CHRISTMAS…for the last time as a family of two.  Wow…that’s weird.  Here’s to 2017 and big changes coming!!!


4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas…just for Kicks

  1. A wipey warmer!! Chase would SCREAM when cold wipes hit his bottom. A boppy pillow (that thing is a god send) .. Gripe water. Waterproof bibs (they soak right through the cloth ones).. Walmart sells Disney ones I see way more girl ones than boy ones. If I think of anything else I’ll let you know, lol. I don’t know if Erin plans on nursing but the microwave steam bags to sanitize nipples is the best invention on the planet. Targets brand is way cheaper than Medela.


    • Thanks Ashley! I’ve heard mixed reviews on the need for the wipe warmer…lol. What the hell is Gripe Water? And waterproof bibs totally make sense! I also believe the boppy may already be on the list of planned items.


  2. Add to your list:
    -car seat, stroller and at least 1 extra base
    -pea pod zip up swaddles (no way your baby can kick outta one of these!)
    -sleep sacks (awesome for the post swaddle stage)
    -rock and play
    -diapers, diapers, diapers and more diapers
    -a swing
    -cloth diapers for burp cloths (big pack)
    -baby carrier (Ellie loved this when she was 0-3 months I have a boba from target)
    -blankets (be prepared to receive a million blankets- we loved the pottery barn receiving blankets we got- they are extra big and worked great for newborn photos!)
    -basket organizer for diapers and baby stuff
    -diaper bag or oversized tote bag
    -changing pads for wherever (we don’t have a changing table- didn’t want to sacrifice the space for one. I just throw down a pad on the bed, couch, floor… you get it. Also one for your diaper bag)
    -infant care set (nail clippers, brush, aspirater etc. we use something from ours like every day
    -gripe water (or other gas relief)
    – high chair for later
    – sound machine
    -car seat cover
    -seat protector for under car seat
    – clothes (add items in sizes you want- we got a lot of clothes that were wrong season and didn’t have tags. The clothes we had on the registry were purchased as requested. Also, put pants, leggings on your registry as well as plain long sleeve onesies. We ended up with a lot of short sleeved onesies with no pants! And when it’s too chilly to wear short sleeves we just throw a plain long sleeve on under a short sleeve one.)
    – baby bath tub/baby bath sponge (the cheap $5 sponge is better than the tub!)
    – baby bath soap
    – baby lotion and diaper cream
    – baby bath towels and wash cloths
    -bottle drying rack and brush (I recommend waiting for bottles- try to get as many samples as you can and see what baby likes first!)
    -nursing cover
    – boppy (over rated but helpful for photos- I sat on mine for a while lol they are comfy but not so helpful as a nursing pillow in my opinion)

    I’m sure I could go on forever but just ask if you have any questions while you register!! Good luck!


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