It’s a….

What? You thought I would tell you in the blog title? Come on. That’s too easy. Now I just need to take up enough characters that you can’t even tell from the text preview…Ok. I think that’s enough.

On Thursday we had our anatomy scan. Going into the scan we were excited and anxious because of course whenever you check the internet for anything you always hear the worst case scenario. Would the baby face the right direction? Would we get a clear picture? With Erin’s history, would a fibroid get in the way of what we needed to see?

Well…the answers are Yes, Yes, and No, respectively.  With that said we didn’t quite expect to get the news on if it was a boy or girl quite that quickly (I’d say within the first 15 seconds of the ultrasound picture coming up on the screen) so now I feel like I have to make you wait longer. You know, raise the anticipation levels. Did you seriously read all of that and not skip ahead? If you did call yourself out in the comments.
Ok fine, I’m done messing around…

Please welcome…

Isabella Grace Hannaford. It’s a GIRL!!!!

We’re beyond excited…although the reality of having a daughter is slowly starting to creep in for Matt but it’s definitely exciting.

Thanks to everyone who picked Team Pink or Team Blue last week. We’re looking forward to everyone meeting Ella come mid-April!


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