The Bump Begins…and a kick?

For weeks now, Matt has been able to tell the beginnings of the bump but with Erin’s clothing style it’s likely that if you’ve seen her in person, there is no way you would know she was pregnant from looks alone. However, that is starting to change.

As we head toward the end of week 18 and move onward to week 19 on Wednesday (and finally getting to the anatomy scan on Thursday), Erin’s beginning to notice that some of her clothes aren’t quite fitting as they once did. As she put on a sweater this morning, she broke down and wrote a post on Facebook…

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 6.25.00 PM.png

It’s there. Others can sort of tell now. Well, depending on what she’s wearing. That bump is there and we’re getting even more excited now. It’s one more step in this journey that just makes it feel that much more “REAL”.


If you look close you can see it there. It might be small, but it’s an outward sign of our growing family.

With the bump beginning to show there is also another sign of our growing family.  In the last few days, Erin felt our little fruit ninja moving a few times now. At first she wasn’t quite sure if that was really it, but after talking to our doctor last week about it she assured us that it was what Erin was feeling. Matt thinks he might have felt it, but we’re pretty sure that’s just wishful thinking.

It’s just one more sign that this journey happens fast. People keep saying that it flies by, but it doesn’t really hit you as to how fast it really does until someone says, “You are halfway now.” Wow. Yes, 18 weeks isn’t usually halfway, but when we’re only heading to week 37 or 38…we’re right there at that halfway mark already. It’s flying. It’s crazy. But it’s incredible and we couldn’t be more excited.

Coming up on Saturday we’ll be sharing the results of our anatomy scan. Pink or Blue? Leave your guess in the comments.


19 thoughts on “The Bump Begins…and a kick?

  1. Pink – I would love a granddaughter so I’m picking Pink but if the baby is a grandson, I’m okay with that. After all, I’ve had lots of practice with boys. A healthy baby is what I am praying for.


  2. I’m guessing BLUE, but as long as mommy and baby are healthy I’m happy. I cannot wait to find out the sex of Baby H!!!


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