Merry Christmas…just for Kicks

Since our last post we’ve seen alot of changes. Not only has Erin finally felt like the bump is harder to hide but Isabella has been super active and we’re really enjoying our “family of three” time.


Erin has begun to feel her kicking and punching throughout the day, but she seems to get especially active first thing in the morning, when Erin gets home from work, and then again as we settle into bed.  Last night we decided to check to see if we could actually see her moving rather than just feeling her.  WOW. I wish I could capture video of what I could see. It’s incredible. People always tell you that its really cool when you can feel the baby move, and that you can eventually see them moving a foot or hand across the stomach, but last night I swear she was just showing off. She seemed to push her entire side outward and I think I saw basically the entire arm from her shoulder down and then her hip and entire leg.

On another note, the reality of everything is setting in. We are under 16 weeks from when we may get to meet Isabella. Her nursery is slowly coming together, but with Christmas just days away and New Years Day shortly behind we know we still have a ton of work to get done in a really short time. We took some time on Sunday and had some fun registering at Pottery Barn Kids, and plan to hit Babies R Us later this week or early next week. I’m in complete research mode now since I have several days off of work so if you have any recommendations on “must haves” for new parents feel free to leave them in the comments. I’ll definitely check them all out.

With that said…MERRY CHRISTMAS…for the last time as a family of two.  Wow…that’s weird.  Here’s to 2017 and big changes coming!!!


It’s a….

What? You thought I would tell you in the blog title? Come on. That’s too easy. Now I just need to take up enough characters that you can’t even tell from the text preview…Ok. I think that’s enough.

On Thursday we had our anatomy scan. Going into the scan we were excited and anxious because of course whenever you check the internet for anything you always hear the worst case scenario. Would the baby face the right direction? Would we get a clear picture? With Erin’s history, would a fibroid get in the way of what we needed to see?

Well…the answers are Yes, Yes, and No, respectively.  With that said we didn’t quite expect to get the news on if it was a boy or girl quite that quickly (I’d say within the first 15 seconds of the ultrasound picture coming up on the screen) so now I feel like I have to make you wait longer. You know, raise the anticipation levels. Did you seriously read all of that and not skip ahead? If you did call yourself out in the comments.
Ok fine, I’m done messing around…

Please welcome…

Isabella Grace Hannaford. It’s a GIRL!!!!

We’re beyond excited…although the reality of having a daughter is slowly starting to creep in for Matt but it’s definitely exciting.

Thanks to everyone who picked Team Pink or Team Blue last week. We’re looking forward to everyone meeting Ella come mid-April!

The Bump Begins…and a kick?

For weeks now, Matt has been able to tell the beginnings of the bump but with Erin’s clothing style it’s likely that if you’ve seen her in person, there is no way you would know she was pregnant from looks alone. However, that is starting to change.

As we head toward the end of week 18 and move onward to week 19 on Wednesday (and finally getting to the anatomy scan on Thursday), Erin’s beginning to notice that some of her clothes aren’t quite fitting as they once did. As she put on a sweater this morning, she broke down and wrote a post on Facebook…

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 6.25.00 PM.png

It’s there. Others can sort of tell now. Well, depending on what she’s wearing. That bump is there and we’re getting even more excited now. It’s one more step in this journey that just makes it feel that much more “REAL”.


If you look close you can see it there. It might be small, but it’s an outward sign of our growing family.

With the bump beginning to show there is also another sign of our growing family.  In the last few days, Erin felt our little fruit ninja moving a few times now. At first she wasn’t quite sure if that was really it, but after talking to our doctor last week about it she assured us that it was what Erin was feeling. Matt thinks he might have felt it, but we’re pretty sure that’s just wishful thinking.

It’s just one more sign that this journey happens fast. People keep saying that it flies by, but it doesn’t really hit you as to how fast it really does until someone says, “You are halfway now.” Wow. Yes, 18 weeks isn’t usually halfway, but when we’re only heading to week 37 or 38…we’re right there at that halfway mark already. It’s flying. It’s crazy. But it’s incredible and we couldn’t be more excited.

Coming up on Saturday we’ll be sharing the results of our anatomy scan. Pink or Blue? Leave your guess in the comments.