The Registry…

When you get married many times you do a wedding registry for things to start your life together. Sheets, knives, a coffee maker, maybe even a toaster. But when it comes to a baby registry…or even just walking into the baby section of the store (or a speciality baby store like Babies R Us) can be downright intimidating.

When you registered for your wedding, you typically have a clue about the products. You’ve probably used a toaster and coffee maker before. But have you ever used a baby bottle? Sure…maybe you helped feed a friend or family members baby but just wait until you realize that not only are there 30,000 brands of baby bottles, but each one of those brands have 3-10 different “versions” of not only bottles, but also nipples for each of them. Talk about overwhelming. And don’t even get me started at how fast my head started spinning when we looked at car seats and strollers.

Erin is definitely a planner, and while I’m a little better with short deadlines, when it comes to this baby, both of us are trying to stay as far ahead of the game as we can. However, until December 8th we are at a bit of an impasse. We’ve realized that not only is it hard to find truly gender neutral things, we really want to know before we get going too much into the registry. With that said, the first few things have been purchased…a small stuffed animal, a carrier, and probably the most exciting (and it’s definitely making everything more “real” again) the crib and mattress have been purchased. (And put together in 13 minutes! — Small victories for Matt.)

It’s starting to feel more and more real each day. Now we just need to sit back, relax, and try to get through the next three weeks until we find out what we are having. (And don’t worry…we’ll be sharing that information here on Saturday the 10th.

So for now…feel free to let us know what did you feel when you first walked into the store to set up your register and realized just how many options are lining the walls.


One thought on “The Registry…

  1. So overwhelming. I let Jesse carry the price gun and just pointed to what I wanted. I picked out pink and blue of what I liked (then went back later and deleted the pink option). We are also doing gray and elephant theme so that helped. As for brands do your mommy research, aka, ask other Momma’s what worked for them. And in the end your baby will like something totally different. Lol. Nice thing is they do a great return policy! So excited for you two. 🙂


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