Hiccups – Nope, nothing bad…the cute kind.

So we’ve gone for two more appointments since the last post.  We had our genetic testing exam / blood work and then just our “normal” check in.

During our genetic testing ultrasound we were shocked at how quickly the baby is growing. I mean it was only about 2.5 inches at the time, but after seeing everything from the faintest of circles in a black hole, it’s incredible.

The ultrasound nurse held the scanner over the baby for a few seconds before zooming in and doing the actual measurements for the test and let us see the baby. It hit us when we first saw the little kick before, but now, it was really real. As we left the doctor Erin called her mom and said, “Mom, it actually looks like a baby now.” And it did. We saw our little baby relaxing on it’s back, knees tucked up and legs crossed. And we all had a nice little laugh as we saw a few little hiccups.


Check out that cute little face. It’s crazy to think that over the next few months we’ll only be able to see our little “fruit ninja” a few more times. But again, we’ll likely see more than most because of needing to monitor the baby’s size so that we can plan the c-section.

Now comes the part that isn’t as much fun. We’ve had so many ultrasounds up until this point that we’ve gotten used to being able to actually see our baby developing. Now we wait. We won’t see the baby again until December. It will be about 6 weeks since we last saw our little one. Every time we’ve gotten a new photo there has been such an obvious change. Now we can’t wait to see how big our baby will be by the beginning of December. They told us once we were released from “high risk” that we might feel some ultrasound withdrawal. Matt definitely does.

We’ll have another appointment in between but the date has been set… December 8th. Finally on December 8th we’ll have our anatomy scan!

While you are here, (and thanks for reading this by the way), leave some feedback and thoughts on the first three posts.


4 thoughts on “Hiccups – Nope, nothing bad…the cute kind.

  1. Hey guys! I know you don’t know me that well (I went to middle school with Matt) but we have such similar stories that I feel compelled to comment. I’m also a PCOSer/ “skinny cyster”, had a big lap. Surgery last year, saw my endo religiously every week until we got our first positive in June. I definitely went through the ultrasound withdrawals too! I’m 23 weeks right now with a boy. Best of luck to you both and congrats!!!!


    • Maria! I definitely remember you! Come on…typing classes at McDevitt! Sorry to hear about your PCOS diagnosis but congratulations on the baby boy! You are just a little ahead of us but it’s fantastic to hear that you’ve found success as well. I think that’s one of our main goals now…awareness. Awareness not of a specific problem, but that problems, in general, are far more common than many believe. ~Matt


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