The first few weeks…

The first few weeks after we got the positive pregnancy test were hectic to say the least. Erin was on vacation Sunday through Tuesday evening and then had a long day of scheduled meetings on Wednesday. That meant we couldn’t get to the doctor until Thursday to do blood work and get “official” results.

**Author’s Note**
— Our story is likely different than many others when it comes to pregnancy and doctor visits, so we consider ourselves very lucky when it comes to the opportunities we’ve had so far. —

We went to the doctor’s office on Thursday for blood tests. The results came back positive, but there was a hitch. Of course there was a hitch, why wouldn’t there be one? We’ve done everything else the hard way why would our pregnancy be easy? Erin’s progesterone level was slightly low. Not super low, but considering the circumstances our doctors recommended supplements.

Erin had to return to work after the morning appointment so it was up to Matt to figure out where to find the supplements. And of course…it was the Thursday before Labor Day and there was ONE pharmacy in the area that had the supplement. The problem is the short shelf life and the high cost. Most pharmacies won’t stock the item. We were lucky. It was only 10 miles away….this time.

Friday we went back to the doctor…again. We could tell right away that this was going to become a pattern.

The doctor did an ultrasound on Friday and we saw a black hole. Literally…that’s all it was. A black hole.


“The Black Hole”

We had to come back on Tuesday. The doctor couldn’t confirm a pregnancy from just a black hole. We came back after what could have been the longest long weekend ever. Luckily, we had plans with some awesome friends and were distracted for much of the time. Here’s what we saw the second time…


The Black Hole with a Yolk Sack

If you look REALLY close you can see a small circle inside the now slightly larger black hole. Apparently that’s the yolk sac which confirmed that it was definitely a pregnancy, but again, couldn’t give us the “good pregnancy” designation.

So again…we wait. Another few days and another appointment and another ultrasound. Still no true “confirmation”.  We know she’s pregnant, they’ve said she’s pregnant, but they’ve never given us the “it’s good” report. So many questions…in fact…


Two heartbeats?

When they did this ultrasound there was a question as to whether or not there were two heartbeats. There was a definite solid heartbeat near the top of the “blob” at 164 BPM. That one was good. But then they found another one…sort of. They couldn’t get a good listen on it, but we could “see” it near the very bottom of the “blob”. At 8 weeks our doctor said that in her 16 years of doing this, she’s NEVER had a “?” on her reports. We were the first…but as seems to be the way we do things…why wouldn’t we be?

Finally, at 9 weeks…more than a full month after we started this crazy trip, we got a solid determination of a good pregnancy, everything looked perfect and we were finally released from “high-risk”. The doctor looked at us and now said the words that we had been waiting to hear. We were “normal” and everything looked “perfect”. We were elated.



You see that? For the first time it actually looked like a baby. It punched and kicked and we could see it. A lot of people say that the heartbeat sound is what makes it “real” to them. For us, it was seeing the punch and the kick. Our little “fruit ninja” was real. This whole thing was finally actually becoming a reality.




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